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Deanna Beil

It's easy to get to know an open person like Deanna Beil, but the biggest two things to know are that she's intelligent and brilliant. Of course she's also wise, realistic and companionably, but those are often overshadowed by tendencies of being cold as well. Her intelligence though, this is what she's most popular for. Friends usually count on this and her intuition in times of need.

Akash Lu

It takes a while to get to know Akash Lu, but two things you'll never forget are that she's observant and ambitious. Of course she's also spontaneous, faithful and dedicated, but far less strongly and often mixed with being power-hungry as well. Her observant nature though, this is what she's kind of cherished for. People often count on this and her passion when they're feeling down.

Kajetan Mclean

Few know the true Kajetan Mclean, but most know that above all else he's disciplined and curious. Of course he's also organized, orderly and good-natured, but they're in shorter supply, especially considering they're mixed with being dominating as well. His discipline though, this is what he's often admired for. There are many times when friends count on this and his sensitive nature whenever they need cheering up.